Friday, October 16, 2009

Circles and squares.

I have been admiring this pillow at Saffron and Genevieve for a while now and I finally broke down and bought it at Colleen's last sale. As you can see, Max likes it too. (I'm pretty sure she can order more of these, plus lots of other great rugs, etc. from the same company.)

When I brought it home I noticed that I have a theme going with my estate sale crocheted coasters. I didn't see the connection until the pillow was next to the bowl of coasters.

I found this quilt at a yard sale. It is in really good shape, only needing some minor repairs. I was afraid to ask the price, but when I did and it was only $10 I felt like I should say, "Oh no, I can't buy it for that, you should charge much much more." But I didn't. I am confessing my act of theft to you.

Does anyone out there recognize the period of these fabrics? My memory goes back to the fifties and these don't look familiar to me, so I am guessing 30's or 40's.

And lastly, I found this beautiful paper in the giftwrap section of Cost Plus World Market and used it to cover a paper mache box from a craft store. I recently bought a couple of bargain chairs for my living room that are a similar red color.

My TV is hidden in a nice little cabinet, so I thought the remote should have a hiding place as well.


Leigh said...

I've felt the same way before when asking prices, and sometimes left feeling guilty! I love quilt tops too and bought two great ones for $25 at our local flea market a while back. I'm not sure of those prints, I'm no print expert. You could send an email to True Up and see if she knows (or her readers). Not sure if you know of that blog but I think you'd like it. All about fabric.

Colleen Hickey said...

Nice find on the quilt! My friend Alice recently pondered that question - if you know it's worth more, is it a sin to get a deal? I think most of these sellers, including me, are just happy to be rid of it and not have to do the research. I'm happy if I found something for cheap, sell it for cheap, and someone else realizes what it's really worth and snatches it up. So don't feel bad :) ps I came across your etsy store today, very nice!

t kendall said...

The pillow and coasters look so happy together! And I love the clever remote storage.