Friday, September 25, 2009

I did it for the kitties.

I went to the biggest rummage sale of my life. Actually this was the third or forth time I've rummaged for the kitties...not rummaging, as in looking for kitties, but know. Project Purr has tackled the feral cat problem in our county and there are a lot of dedicated people who volunteer to put on this huge sale twice a year.

Only the very patient would be able to find their size in this wearable mountain!

Hmm....this reminds me of a story from the Bible. (Numbers 13:23)

Some of the treasures I found. It's for the kitties, remember.

I also found some nice embroidered pieces for my crafting, and these great velvet flowers and leaves.

Christmas is just around the corner. Nothing like a vintage felt Santa to get me in the mood.

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t kendall said...

I can't believe I missed it!!! That's my favorite sale of all and I forgot all about it. I love your finds!