Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another reason to buy chocolate.

My daughter of Paper Pony introduced me to the Trader Joe’s little round tins of chocolate wedges. It’s almost as if they had crafters in mind when they designed the containers.


I love the magnetic storage tins you can buy. Some of them have little windows,  just like these chocolate tins.  A while back, I bought some little black tins at a yard sale and made them into such containers , described in this blog post. So the other day I got out my die cutter and my circle dies and cut some paper to glue on the top, and straight strips for the bottoms. (Or you could paint them.)


I don’t even glue the magnet on the back, I just put a strong magnet on my metal surface and put the tin on top.




raya said...


.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

Too cute! I wish we had Trader Joe's here in Canada :) Next time I am in Seattle I will be sure to pick up some of the chocolate!

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Glenys said...

Neat! Wish those are sold in my side of the world. Humph...