Monday, September 6, 2010

Chairy thoughts.

I have wanted a Bergere style chair for a while now, but the ones I’ve seen in shops, or even at flea markets have been out of my price range. They look so cute painted white, and upholstering them in burlap seems to be a popular look. So when I saw an add for one on my local Freecycle site I responded right away and was thrilled to be the lucky recipient, and of course, I had slipcover plans.
I kept thinking about an article I saw several years ago in Martha Stewart Living, but after searching the internet and the Martha Stewart website, I couldn’t find it, or even the date of the magazine. So I turned to e-bay. I found an issue for sale (May 2002) that mentioned an article on summer slipcovers. I had a hunch that that was it, so I bought the magazine and was right.


I really loved the shirt-like fabrics that were used on these.
I happened to have enough of a blue and white stripe that I bought at a rummage sale at least one decade ago.
I was surprised at how similar my chair is to this one in the article. I guess it was really embedded in my subconscious since I finished my slipcover long before I saw the article again.
I haven’t decided if I will paint the wooden parts, or just clean them up, but I love my new chair.


Leigh said...

It's beautiful! Wow, so nice how everything came together for this one.

Cozy Cottage Slipcovers said...

The slipcover is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I love it!!

I love the fabric too!

raya said...

Looks so good mom! When you're done with your house I have at least two projects for you down here : ) I'll pay you with grandkid kisses.xoxo

Scarlett Fiona Reed said...

Awesome! I like the dark wood with the light fabric. Score!

angie said...

Love, love those pleats.

t kendall said...

It's darling, Katie! You're right, it is so similar to the one in the article, but I actually like yours more - the way that you covered the cushions separately, and the way that you did the arms minus the ruffles is much more classic and beautiful. I love it! Now I want to come over and try it out...