Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don’t stand there, stand here.



Due to the cottage like size of our house, I always have to move furniture around to make room for the Christmas tree, and that always puts me in the mood to rearrange everything right after I put all the decorations away.  My awesome antique dress form was hidden behind a shelf in a room that had way too much furniture in it.  So after doing some more rearranging, and selling a cute but large armoire, she now has a roomier place to stand. I feel bad enough that she can’t sit once in awhile.

I saw this great spread on from J.Crew and loved it. As you can see I am a collector of vintage pins. (Mostly bought in lots of broken jewelry on e-bay and at yard sales.)

I thought this would be the perfect outfit for my Acme Adjustable Collapsible  Ellanam  dress form. On the label it says L and M Co. in parenthesis. I should call her Ellan or maybe Auntie Am.

I haven’t done any painting in a while because my teacher is having surgery on her foot and I’ve been kind of busy. I have made a commitment to myself, though, to do more artwork and started with a colored pencil drawing last night. I am amazed at how practicing in one medium with a good teacher carries over into other forms. I could really tell a difference in the drawing process. I will post at least a section of my drawing later.

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