Thursday, January 13, 2011

Working it out.

IMG_3280 (2)
In the past I have been reluctant to do artwork because I want the finished product to be really good…something that I can be proud of, but I am starting to enjoy the actual process more. That is a good thing since I will never reach the point where I am happy with my work unless I practice.
It is so easy for me to be drawn in to sewing projects because I do so much of it and my sewing tools and space are always set up, but I will be trying to give equal time to art projects that don’t involve sewing.

A few nights ago I gathered up my colored pencils that I bought decades ago. I found them in various trays and boxes throughout the house. They have been used by my kids to color many geography maps, charts of the human body, and to color in pictures that they asked me to draw for them. Well, I decided that I needed to treat myself to a new set, and I did.They are beautiful and drawing is a lot more fun without the huge gaps in the color spectrum.

This drawing includes a doll dress that I bought from a fellow sew-person in town who has the best yard sales you can imagine. I love seeing her and what she has rounded up to sell, and what sewing projects she is working on. The chenille pin cushion was made by another local sewing artist.

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t kendall said...

I love that you're creative in so many areas- and that your interest in new (and rediscovered) forms is being piqued. This is a really charming sketch.