Monday, January 30, 2012

The weekend of my dreams.

It's been a while since we've made the five hour drive to our oldest daughter's house for a visit, so we hit the road on Friday and spent the weekend. It was sooo good to see them all. I was supposed to have her new slipcovers finished, but since they were cut out and not sewn, I took them down for a pin-fitting. The grandkids really wanted to help. The pinning was a really good idea too because they needed a little adjusting.

Besides all the sweet hugs, kisses and conversations, we did some paper crafts.

And topped it all off with a trip to the once a month Ventura Antique Flea Market on Sunday morning. We saw so much fun stuff. I was drawn to a stack of vintage student fashion drawings which I didn't buy, a pile of vintage Nativity figurines, which I didn't buy (the baby Jesus was missing) and lots of other amazing stuff including these spools of thread (which I didn't buy).

Here are most of the things I did buy.

I always enjoy talking to the venders at flea markets. Some very interesting people.

 The drive home was enjoyable too. I love the landscape between our house and theirs. A very nice weekend.

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