Monday, February 6, 2012

Like a moth to a flame.


Today I finished up with one appointment to talk about a slipcover with a half hour gap before my next similar appointment. I thought about looking for a cup of coffee somewhere, but without even thinking I drove to the local fabric store that is in the same neighborhood, Harts Fabrics, in Santa Cruz, CA. They have so many great fabrics and tons of inspiration. It was way more refreshing than the coffee would have been.

IMG_4207 (1024x676)

Can you believe all these great buttons?

IMG_4208 (827x1024)

IMG_4209 (1024x619)

IMG_4210 (785x1024)

They should set up some comfy chairs in front of this button wall, so easily entertained people like me could just sit and stare at them. They could serve coffee. Ahhh that would be the best spot ever!

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