Sunday, May 18, 2008

set free

A couple of weeks ago, I found this old box at an outdoor rummage sale. It looks like it had small bottles of wine in it originally. I filled it with notebooks and a small sketch book that I found in a nearby box, and said, "How much?" I love rescuing items that might have continued to collect dust somewhere if I hadn't come along.

I've been reading some great books about journal making, and decided to make an attempt. Maybe I will actually write down some of those thoughts and ideas that have been locked up in my brain for a while, before they slink off to a far corner and starve to death.

I took the cover off the sketch book, and rejoined the pages with a piece of green elastic cord, secured with buttons at the top and bottom, and tied on the back.

I used my husband's fly-tying technique to secure the knots...brush-on nail repair stuff, that is actually just super-glue with a brush in it.

Then, I just sewed a pocket from nice, strong paper that I saved from a Mother's Day gift.

I guess you could call it a pocket-book.

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Sarah said...

oh wonderful! Now just grab a pen and start writing!
Vintage Lily